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Serving Greene County, New York since 1815.


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Sunday School

Sundays beginning 10 am

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Sunday Service

Sundays beginning at 11 am


Faithful Living

Grapeville Baptist Church is in Greene County, New York, and has been there since 1815 when it was known as the East Branch of the Greenville Church. Worshipers of the Greenville Church met on September 26, 1825 for the purpose of collecting names of the brothers and sisters of their church who desired to be set off as a separate body known by the name of the First Baptist Church of New Baltimore.

At a meeting of the Greenville Church as this matter was investigated it was resolved that the East Branch do as they choose. A meeting was called for November 17 at the New Baltimore meeting house (Grapeville Church) to constitute this body into a separate and independent body. The church was so constituted on November 17, 1825.

At a meeting held February 27, 1875, the name was changed to Grapeville Baptist Church. That name has been maintained to the present.

The church was incorporated in January 1966.

Grapeville Christian School

A Mission of Grapeville Baptist Church

Grapeville Christian School is a Kindergarten through twelfth-grade school that is a ministry of Grapeville Baptist Church. We strive to bring up the next generation with a biblical foundation and academic excellence.

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