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Ministries of Our Church

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Capital City Rescue Mission

As the Mission has grown, so has our service to the Mission. Along with continuing to provide food supplies, the pastor preaches at the Mission once a month, we provide clothing, serve at holiday meals, support the medical staff, serve on the various boards and encourage students from our Christian school to serve. We have even had one of our High School graduates and church members work on staff at New Faith which is the women's arm of the Rescue Mission ministry.
Ours is a long-standing relationship that with God's blessing will continue as long as the Mission's doors are open and those in need are being served not only a hot meal, but first and foremost, THE GOSPEL is being presented.

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The Pines at Catskill Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

For many years Grapeville Baptist
Church has held a monthly Sunday worship service for those residing at The Pines at Catskill Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The residents are invited to come and join in the singing and fellowship that they are unable to enjoy by attending a local service.

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